Pentecost 2015 Part 1

The Feast of Shavuot – meaning weeks -
The Feast of Pentecost – means 50th Day both these names are used during this time.

A Brief outline : by Pastor Madeleine Kerzner, Nation 2 Nation

Part 1.

When the Children of Israel came out of Eypgt and celebrated Passover they were told by God to count 50 days (which is the counting of the Omer). 7 x 7 Sabbaths = 49 days.

The next day was the 50th Day Pentecost On the 50th Day Moses received 10 Commandments on Mount Sinai directly from God on two tablets of Stone, and during the next 40 days God told Moses all the law to be taught to the children of Israel.

Shavuot (Pentecost) is seen as the Birth of Jewish nation  – the very reason why they were delivered out of Egypt and set apart to show God’s ways to all people of the earth.

In Acts chapter 2 the early Jewish believers and representatives of all nations where gathered in the upper room, celebrating this Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot) together. So when the Feast of Pentecost was fully come (Acts 2:1) that was now the 50th Day the Holy Spirit (Ruach) fell upon the believers with tongues of fire and power from on high and He wrote God’s laws on their hearts and minds with power and grace. Hebrews 10:16, Jeremiah 31:33 This is also known as the Birth of the Church.  When we are no longer under the bondage of the law but by grace we are fulfilling the law (all righteousness) through the power, grace and love of the Holy Spirit.

The Feast of Shavuot – Jewish tradition: When Moses came down with the laws and ten commandments people didn’t have time to get everything in order immediately as this was also the beginning of the Kosher laws of eating, the people could only really eat diary while things were being organised, just for this time. So traditionally Shavuot or Pentecost is celebrated by eating dairy products, especially cheesecake. On the 49th night which this year will be Saturday 23rd May in the evening the men will go to the Synagogues and study and read the Torah (The Bible) all night and the 50th Day in 2015 is Sunday 24th May 2015. In Jerusalem you will see thousands going to the Wall (the part which is fallen down) and will all pray together at sunrise on Sunday morning (the morning of Pentecost 2015). Thanking the Lord for the Torah (The Bible).

As believer in Jesus we know this way the amazing day when the Power of the Holy Spirit was given to the believers in the Upper Room and signs and wonders were seen by all.  The day God wrote His laws on our hearts and mind, so that the Word was endued with the Power of the Holy Spirit.

 the First Fruits of the Holy Spirit God's Kingdom on earth !

Hallelujah !

notes by: Pastor Madeleine Kerzner

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