Passover N2N Full Seder Journey Good Friday 2nd April ” - 2021 5781
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Shalom and Happy Passover Everyone,

the Time has Come.. This Friday 2nd April - what is know as Good Friday we will be meeting on-line to go through a Full Passover Seder Together.

What you Need:

1. Unleaved Bread - Matzah (from any supermarket) or crackers if you can't find any .

2. Grape Juice

3. Lettuce and Parsley (or one can be used twice)

4. Horseradish sauce or fresh horseradish.

5. a bowl of water with salt in it or vinegar.


if you feel adventurous you can make what we call Chorset. which is made with chopped apple, ground almond, cinnamon, and mixed together with grape juice . (optional ) 

this is how I usually set up , but remember this is the main table. you can do this in a much more simple way 

you will need 3 Matzah's on a plate and you little seder dish and bowl of water beside you. Or ! you can just listen and learn as we travel the journey .

If you have any other questions please just reply this email and will try and answer any questions.

Truly look forward to being with you all THIS GOOD FRIDAY 2ND APRIL 2021. 

here are the zoom details : Passover Nation 2 Nation 

Just sign up to mailing list for full Zoom Details. 

Chag Passover Sameach .. my friends, look forward to seeing you this Friday 2nd April 2021 at 7pm as its the full Seder I would say this meeting will be around 1 hour and half or so :-) 

all the blessings for this Holy Week indeed as Passover ends Sunday 4th April 2021 amazing really how it has finally all aligned. 

Yours in Messiah

Pastor Madeleine Kerzner 


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Madeleine Kerzner - You Tube Chanel

Madeleine Kerzner - You Tube Chanel

Live Passover 2021 on Zoom just signup on mailing list for details

Live Passover 2021 on Zoom just signup on mailing list for details

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