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Nation to nation
  • Nation to nation
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1 . Bless the Lord
2. Journey to Heaven (Njalo) Botswana & South Africa
3. Dance to the Lord (Shanina Ba Yahweh) Zambia
4. Nation 2 Nation
5. River of Life
6. Glorify your name
7. Song of Freedom (Thula Sziwe)
8. Somlandela
9. King of kings
10. Trust
11. There's Nobody like you oh Jesus (Zimbabwe)
12. Will you be ready

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The Great I am
  • The Great I am
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  1. Raise the Standard of His Kingdom
  2. Unity (feat. Jahaziel)
  3. The Great I Am (feat. Noel Robinson)
  4. Forgive Me
  5. Thank You for Your Mercy
  6. Arise and Shine (Kadosh)
  7. Interlude
  8. Sweet Jesus
  9. We Lift Him Higher (Jesus Phageme)
    10.Blessings and Honour (feat. Avis)
    11.Rejoice (Lion of Judah)
    12.Hallelujah Hosanna
  10. The Most High God
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