Thoughts and Reflections Biblical Food

Thoughts and reflections on what the Bible says about food. : You probably have heard the word Kosher Food eaten by orthodox Jews. In Judaism the body is as important as the spirit as it all is one - so what you eat is important, actually deeper than that but I'll explain that in the next series. Again as I have explained throughout this site. We are not under the law therefore not under the strict laws of biblical eating, BUT ! when you see what God has said about the food you should eat, It beats any healthy living plan out there and Well of course it would do. :-) God made us so ONLY he KNOWS what's good and isn't good for us.

This is just a page for you to see what God has said about food. I see so many people talking about not drinking milk, or not eating bread,  yet it was given as a blessing by God to us as His children to do just that. Meat and Fish are also a blessing given to us by God to eat, BUT He says specific types of meat and fish.. So I hope this site inspires and encouraging you on your healthy living plan. But most of all the joy of eating was a gift given to us by God. Here's a breakdown of the foods mentioned in the bible for His people to eat. Of course you are free to eat, but even the biblical say in Proverbs 'don't over eat' , yes the biblical principles resound right here.  All things in moderation and balance.

Let's begin with

Fish The bible says only eat fish with fins and scales i.e. salmon, seabass, Cod, etc.. there are no other restrictions on these.

When we think about the main Israeli fruits all I can say is : SUPERFOOD as they say:

power boosting your diet on a daily basis.

Well the biblical diet covers it all.

Fruits mentioned in the bibles are:

Biblically we can eat - All Fresh Fruit and all Vegetables and seeds and grains and nuts
In Israel
the main stay of food was and is bread

Special biblical mentions are:
• Barley
• Wheat
• Corn
• Almonds
• Matzah flour
• Raisins
• Olive oil Etc...

the only restriction is .....It has to be CLEAN !

The Kosher restrictions are that we must check them all for any kind of insect including the very small ones and especially worms, if they have any of these they are not to be eaten, that’s why everything must be washed and checked thoroughly before being consumed. Note: In Judaism the Rabbi’s actually go to the kosher kitchens and do this job of checking the fruit and vegetables themselves – so it can be deemed, Kosher to eat.

Meat: yes God said we can eat meat.. but only those animals with a split hoof that only eats vegetation, and it must have all the blood drained away. (that is what Kosher meat i.

The main biblical meat eaten was:

  • Mutton (Sheep)
  • Lamb,
  • All Poultry,
  • Venison ,
  • Ox (Cows)


MILK: Yes its a blessing from God to drink milk, ..

The main biblical animals were::

sheep milk
goats milk
Ox (cows milk


The main biblical bread made was


.. so yes no need for gluten free unless you are allergic.

these are just basic outlines.. but I hope it helps you to be free to eat off the goodness of the land, all the blessings the Lord has given to us.  Not forgetting to pray and bless our food and give thanks for what he has provided for us.

Healthy Biblical Living by:
Madeleine Kerzner (c) 2017