Mum and Dad & uncle

2nd Generation Holocaust Survivor

Kerzner Family History

on the left Mrs Sarah Springer on the Right Mrs Astrid Kerzner (Madeleine's Mother) attending an Orthodox wedding in Stamford Hill London 2016.

on the left Mrs Sarah Springer on the Right Mrs Astrid Kerzner (Madeleine's Mother) attending an Orthodox wedding in Stamford Hill London 2016.

Madeleine Kerzner; Born, City of London, United Kingdom
Isidor Kerzner (father) : Born, Vienna, Austria
Astrid Kerzner (mother) : Born, Glasgow, Scotland

 My Father Isidor Kerzner went to be with Yeshua our Messiah 11th August 2004......  My Mum was born in Glasgow descending from Russian Jews.

My Father was rescued in Vienna from the Nazis party invasion in 1938 by the Kindertransport.... at the age of 12 .... his father and entire family went on to the Buchenwald Concentration Camp.... and were executed in April 1942. along with 15 direct family members taken to Lotz Ghetto (non survived) 

Isidor Kerzner (my father) was born in Vienna austria son of Mechel K Kerzner Othodox Jewish merchant in Bohonodzany, Galitia  a territory of Austria now under Poland, he was a citizen of this town who was the son of Jakob J Kerzner and Rifka Schileifer who married 17th July 1924 The Kerzner family moved from Galitia  to Vienna during the First World War as refugees of the war.
The Kerzner family lived at: Karmelitergrasse 8/19 Vienna 2 Austria Mechel Kerzner had a perfumary shop on the Opposite the Market of Karmeliterplatz. In 1938 the Jewish Community got together both in England and Austria and planned for trains to transport children of of Vienna and the Nazis Party had gained power and a severe hatred of the Jews had risen up all over Austria In 1939 Isidor and Norbert Kerzner where being persecuted on the streets - they where all forced to where a gold star of David on all there clothes so they could be identified. Mechel Kerzner saw the danger and sent Isidor and Norbert Kerzner on a train to England which was being organized by Jews in the United Kingdom.  This is called the Kinder-transport

my Father remembers being put on a train with his brother with no explanation by his father and they never saw him again.
Buchenwald Concentration Camp, near Berlin Germany
Mechel Kerzner born 7.11.1895 lived Karmeliterstrasse . His two sons where Isidor and Norbert Kerzner his only grand daughter - Madeleine Kerzner. Mechel Kerzner was deported 2.10.1939 to Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Weimar (near Berlin) Germany. He was held in this camp till 21.3.1942 when he died this was the spring of great mass killings in all the concentration camps around Europe. His ashes were sent back in an Urne to Vienna and where subsequently buried at Vienna Cemetery 16.6.1942 by 
volunteers from Vienna.
His memorial is on Gate 4 - |Groupe 18a row 19 Mechel Kerzner – Sterbeurkunde Arolsen 1764/69

The KINDER TRANSPORT rescused Isidore and Norman Kerzner from Vienna and brought the, to England. They were part of the 10,000 children who were blessed to escape ! 

They where sent by there father on a train from Vienna to Wales in the United Kingdom where they were brought up by a Jewish Orphanage in Cardiff. They never saw there father again and did not know what had happend to him until 1973. When the boys turned 14 years old they were told to leave the Orphanage and subsequently went to London to find work. In 1973 full knowledge of their family's fate was finally made known - All the property and possession of the Kerzner Family was taken by the Nazis Party.

My Father Isidore Kerzner was the head night Chef of The Ritz London, and gave his life to our Messiah Jesus and is now with Him in His Kingdom and my mum is also born again and goes to Holy Trinity Brompton Kensington London.