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I was born to Jewish parents (go to Jewish roots above: for more details) . In Bartholomew’s Hospital in the City of London, we lived in Dalston East London till I was 5 years old then we moved to Tottenham. Went to school in Stamford Hill, Tottenham and ended up doing my GCSE’s at Tether down College Muswell Hill from the age of 14 -16 years. Got a Job in a bank at 16 in the Foreign Exchange Merchant Banking at Banque de Lindochine Bishopsgate London then Deutsche Bank Bishopsgate London, I just worked for one year and decided this was not for me .. I was going to go on a musical journey !..

I grew up in north London and music played a huge part in my life from as early as I can remember. I studied piano at Royal School of Music to grade 4 Mum put me into dance lessons at Hackney Round House from the age of 3 years old, then Drama school at the King's Road Chelsea modern jazz, tap and scottish dancing till I was 14 years old. Having grown up with the guys from "Light of the World and Lynx in north London.. By the time I was 16 I was totally immersed in the world of music joined a band from NME and won first prize at a Battle of the bands in Seven Oaks which began the journey of recording,  as the prize was free recording time in London Bridge Recording Studios. This is when I left work.

When i was nearly 17 years old I met Phil Lynott, the former front man of legendary Irish rock band, Thin Lizzy, where we entered into a crazy relationship for a couple of years , but in the end because of his rock n roll lifestyle (and me being too young to really handle it all) it was much better when we just became close friends and he really then became a musical mentor in my life. He was an amazing song-writer, poet and really used his music to express political and issues of the day. Unfortunately I had now got into the drugs and alcohol lifestyle and now my band were really suffering under my incapacity to hold things together, I remained very close to Phil Lynott until his death at just 36 years old due to drug and alcohol abuse, I was 21 when he died, but even this loss didn’t deter me from living the rock and roll life myself, actually it just pivoted deep into darkness through grief and despair, and again music was a way of expressing my emotions and losing myself. As you can imagine having such a character like that in your life pass away – it really left us all in shock.

I was fortunate to be signed to a 5 year management deal, by people who believed in me as an artist run By Film Producer: Lisa Pare Katsalas (USA) she really helped me through this time, after Phil died in 1986 I locked myself away in rehearsals for about a year in Nomis Rehearsal studios Shepherds Bush and John Henry’s in Caledonian Road London, though when I look back I was just drowning in the music and although I knew it was my career the drugs and alcohol had really taken a stronghold over my life. Lisa decided to send us all out to live in New York in her Loft Apartment in The Village Manhattan, USA where my solo career was supposed to be launched with a band consisting of some great musicians. Band members along the journey were: Lez Warner The Cult, Mark Luckhurst (Thunder) Sacha Putnam (Bass) the genius of John Sierra Guitarist (RIP 1991) and many others.. In New York Steve Stevens (Guitarist with Billy Idol) took me under his wing and became my record producer in New York.  I really did a lot of recording in New York even visiting friends like Nile Rodgers Studio Skyline and most of my rehearsals at Rocket Studios, did some warm up show cases at CBGB’s New York but after spending two years in Manhattan, and nearly completing enough songs for my first album, I just completely lost the plot and the Rock N Roll lifestyle was much stronger than the music. I was completely out of control and cocaine, weed and alcohol were literally running my life and in the music industry it was freely given out everywhere I went. It was a trend that continued for a long time. During one ten year period, I cannot remember a single day when I didn’t get high. But as hard as it was to tear myself away from the New York, I knew something had to change before I killed myself, and I decided to run away, back to London which therein put an end to the work I had been doing.

Back in London in a whirlwind of wondering what the last 10 years had been, and other on/off relationships and 2 abortions and 1 miscarriage later at 19, 21, 24 years old !  I got to the end of myself  ....what was this life all about, ?  I was empty and  I knew I had nothing left... i had burnt out the candle from every angle.

1990 now back in London I still carried on writing and at that time I was writing with Cass Lewis from Terence Trent Darby in Harlesden, but things were different now and a huge longing for more understanding came over my life. I really was a Rock N Roll New Age Vegetarian so every book was an option to me, then one day I decided I was going to read the bible, and hanging out now in Notting hill I started to read the bible while smoking weed so it all didnt make any sense but still it lead me to a day in August 1991.

A musician friend, Paul “Tubbs” Williams, from Light of the World called me and asked to meet up at a leisure centre in Tottenham we both knew. I arrived at the agreed time; Tubbs was late, as usual. As I was standing in reception waiting for him, I heard beautiful music coming from the hall inside. Noticing that I was listening, a person nearby spoke to me. “It’s free. Do you want to go in?” Why not, I thought, so I agreed.

I soon realised it was a church meeting. The music ended and someone got up to preach. I was taken by the fact that there was a deep sense of peace in the room and then something amazing happened to me. It was if a cloud of light was enveloping me and I heard a beautiful voice say to me, “Madeleine, I AM who I said I AM.” It’s difficult to explain, but at that moment I knew that Jesus was the Messiah. Next a tremendous realisation of the sin in my life came over me and, moments later, when the preacher asked if anyone needed Jesus, I couldn’t stop myself from jumping to my feet and calling out, “Yes, me!” I went to the front to be prayed for and received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. I was 27 years old and this was the best night of my life. When I returned home that evening, I disposed of all the drugs and alcohol in my possession and I never looked back. It really was a DAMASCUS road ENCOUNTER - the preacher that night was Andrew Wutawunashe from Zimbabwe and his church was the Worldwide Family of God, which straight away became my church family and just three months later I found myself at a convention in Zimbabwe with 7,000 others all worshipping God. How radically my life had changed and what a wonder and peace I had found!

I had a very clear sense that this new life I had found was God’s and not mine, and so it was that in 1992 I responded to God’s call to serve Him in full time ministry and found myself moving to live in Manchester. My role was to be that of local and international worship leader, serving under Apostle Wutawunashe - Worldwide Family of God Churches - During the mid to late 90's . I led worship for conferences and crusades all over Africa, including at the Prayer for the nation events with two African Presidents. Three years later Apostle Wutawunashe asked me to leave Manchester and move to South Africa to help build up a church plant in Johannesburg. Often amazing myself at my own willingness to follow Jesus wherever He led, I said yes and left behind my family and friends, not sure when I would see them again.

My role as worship leader  in Johannesburg involved learning songs in Zulu and Swana. This was 1996 and an amazing time in South Africa, with the country caught up in the wake of the abolition of apartheid three years earlier. I was to spend the next three years here, travelling throughout neighbouring nations helping to set up administration systems throughout the various churches in the network and also completing pastoral courses to train to be a pastor and truly loved Leading worship at open air crusades in stadiums around Southern Africa seeing thousands come to salvation and also be part of the discipleship teams, most excitingly was involved in many,many church plantings around Zimbabwe and South Africa and also having spent a year living n Ruwa Zimbabwe as the personal assistant to Prophet/Apostle Andrew Wutawunashe Founder of the Worldwide Family of God Churches and at that time he was also Evangelical President of Zimbabwe so I was also very involved with him in the "make Zimbabwe a Christian Nation" Campaign so got to travel around the whole of Zimbabwe meeting so many pastors and many politians along the way..
In 1999 it was God’s time for me to return to Manchester and in 2000 I was ordained as the local pastor of the Family of God Church in Manchester.

That same year, an old friend, who I grew up with in Tottneham, vocal coach David Grant, encouraged me to join him at a meeting in London held by the organisation Artisan, who provide prayer support to Christians working in the media. It was there that I met producer and guitarist Noel Robinson and that day it felt as though God was prompting me to “record” my journey with Him. This project became my first album Nation 2 Nation Volume 1 and was released in 2002. It opened doors for me to sing at Earls Court – Morris Cerullo Mission to London It was truly a reflection of my journey across Africa but of course the rock roots never did leave. Now, after a four-year long journey of favour, grace and teamwork with Lloyd Gordon and Noel Robinson, this, my second album was completed in 2009. Back in 2008 I had become part of a the core team of The Kingdom Worship Movement with Founded by: Noel Robinson.  . This  also marked the beginning of a relationship with Integrity Media Europe and this has led to the album being released through Integrity Europe in 2010.  After pastoring a local church in Manchester for 10 years I really felt I had completed my work as a Pastor at Family of God Manchester and in August 2010 was graciously released into the Kingdom. 

Being part of the core team of KWM has been an great joy and inspiration travelling around the nation with Noel Robinson, Lara Martin, Graham Kendrick, Mark Beswisk, Donna Akodu,  with guest worship leaders Israel Houghton, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Ben Cantelon, and so many more and seeing God touching, renewing and revive His people in God encounters all across the Nation. She Teaches Workshops on Prayer/intercession  and is an Associate Pastor with Kingdom Worship movent and (a lifestyle teaching). in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol more details at :

Being now an Itinerate Pastor/Teacher/prophetic Intercessor/Worship Leader. She has had the honour of ministering with Dr Sharon Stone, Heidi Baker, Patricia King, Bishop John Francis, Dr Cindy Trimm and many more.  

She is also part of a Unity a Forum of Citywide Pastors in Manchester. 

I am truly blessed with the way true revival is birthing all across the nation and truly am so honoured to be a part of this great journey in His Kingdom.

Up to today:
Madeleine Kerzner is a Revivalist and an itinerant Pastor/Teacher/Prophetic Intercessor/Worship Leader. Her ministry is Nation 2 Nation with a heart of Revival to all nations with a emphasis on teaching the Abrahamic Messianic Roots of the Church the seven feasts of Israel drawing from her roots from a Jewish perspective in The Messiah. She slso teaches on The Worship and Intercession life ! 

Madeleine’s heart is to see people go from religion to relationship with God and from despair to hope with our Messiah  Jesus Christand Live a balanced life and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

Yeshua – The Great I Am ! - Who is, who He said He is !

Madeleine has a coat of many colours